From PrePoMax to cloud HPC

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PrePoMax ( is an opensource user interface to Calculix. Thanks to this, you can easily generate the input file to use for any Calculix analysis. Once the input file is generated, it is also possible to benefit of remote hardware resources provided by cloudHPC and speed up the solution time of your analysis.

Obivously, once the simulation is completed on the cloudHPC you can go back to PrePoMax by opening the results of your analysis. This closes a complete loop of opensource and cloud based software which allows every engineer or designer to run finite element analysis.

CloudHPC is a HPC provider to run engineering simulations on the cloud. CloudHPC provides from 1 to 224 vCPUs for each process in several configuration of HPC infrastructure - both multi-thread and multi-core. Current software ranges includes several CAE, CFD, FEA, FEM software among which OpenFOAM, FDS, Blender and several others.

New users benefit of a FREE trial of 300 vCPU/Hours to be used on the platform in order to test the platform, all each features and verify if it is suitable for their needs

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