cfMesh+ is provided by Creative Fields, Ltd. Extend project, University Zagreb. Automatic, control by dictionary, similar to snappyHexMesh with capabilities to generate tetrahedral meshes and boundary layers. Designed for engineers and other experts using CFD in their product development and research. It is a perfect companion to those who require an efficient, easy-to-use, yet fully automated meshing process able to resolve complex domains faced in industrial settings.

cfMesh+ and its opensource version cfMesh included into OpenFOAM by OpenCFD satisfies completely the mesh generations requirements by OpenFOAM. These mesher can generate high quality mesh, with full capability of interact with the most popular CAD file format and a complete control over boundary layer also in those area where sharp edges are present [as highlighted by the following image courtesy of cfMesh – Creative Fields, Ltd]

They are available on cloudHPC in two different ways:

  • On the remote desktop using the static instance cfMesh+-GUI-static . This allows to upload an input file in STL, STEP, IGES format and follow the guided procedure to set-up the mesh
  • As a batch process with the following scripts:
    • cfMesh+-cartesianMesh
    • cfMeshCartesian-vXXXX
    • cfMeshpMesh-vXXXX

The use as batch process allows to define the case on your local computer and use the cloudHPC hardware just to compute the mesh taking advantage of the high scalability and RAM available on demand.


Generating your mesh with cfMesh+ and cfMesh on the cloudHPC gives you the following advantage:

✅ Possibility to allocate any number of resource in terms of cores and RAM to generate your CFD mesh

✅ Take advantage of a system maintained by IT experts – the software version are continuosly updated

✅ Parallelize the analysis: you can run multiple MESH at the same time

✅ Use our on demand license (3.50€ per hour)

Thanks to these advantages it’s possible to increase the sevice level you offer to your clients and be more confident of the results you provide.

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