Price calculator

The following tool is the an authomatic way to estimate the cloudHPC costs of a running analysis. The below calculator takes the information from our Service Level Agreement and reports them in a mathematical way. The reference and priority must be assigned to our SLA document in any case. To get informations and instructions you can refer to the FAQ section below.

Enter your info to estimate your cloudHPC cost


Should I consider the price estimates here as “final offer”?

The estimated fees provided by this estimator are for discussion purposes only and are not binding on either you or CFD FEA SERVICE. Your actual fees may be higher or lower than the estimate. A more detailed and specific list of fees will be provided at time of sign up.

What usage timeframe should I use when entering estimated numbers in the Calculator?

By default it is monthly estimated use. The whole platform is based on a monthly use.

How about storage, datatransfer and other costs?

CloudHPC provides you a cost based only on running simulations. As a consequence if there are no jobs running, you will not occur into any cost.

Does this consider also software license cost?

Software license are not included in this price calculator. To know into details the software available and their license check our home-page ( Future versions of the calculator may include this cost too.

Can I edit the progressive discount?

Progressive discount is calculated authomatically and applied when expences conditions are met. If your discount is 0% means you have not reached the first expence threshold.