Cloud HPC registration

Register to a cluster dedicated to engineering simulations. Use hardware resources on demand with the best software in CFD – FEA – FEM and much others.

What cost shall I expect?

The cost of the cloudHPC are reported in our price page and in our SLA. An easier way to estimate them is via our price calculator.
In any case, the first 300 vCPU hours are FREE of charge and no payment information are required to access them.

Is support included?

Support is always included as far as it involves the cloudHPC and the scalability of your analysis. All the software installed on the platform are familiar also to our consultants and support is provided also as far as the case setup is involved in a proportional way to the simulations performed monthly on our platform.

How can I pay?

The free use of the platform does not involves payment and no payment data are required for this. Once the free use terminates, payment informations are mandatory and transaction can be either via debit/credit cards or via SEPA Direct Debit (if you or your company is EU based).

How long does the account generation take?

The account generation is generally quick and takes few minutes since the registration. Since every account has to be verified in order to avoid improper use of the cloudHPC platform, during weekends and bank holidays the account generation process may be slower.