FEM cloud structure analysis

CloudHPC provides a wide range of FEA software to perform your FEM cloud analysis on remote hardware resources. Among them you can find:

  • Calculix – v2.18
  • Code Aster – v15.6, v15.4, v14.6, v14.4, v13.6, v13.4 . Versions v15.4 and v14.6 have been compiled using multicore approach to offer the best scalability up to hundreds of cores.

Thanks to these two FEM tools you can execute:

  • Linear and non linear analysis including:
    • Non linear material properties
      • Orthotropic materials
      • Composites materials
    • Non linear geometrical properties (great displacement and rotations)
    • Contacts
  • Combination of several FEA analysis:
    • Static analysis
    • Dynamic analysis
    • Modal analysis
    • Armonic analysis
    • Fatigue analysis
    • Fracture mechanic analysis
    • Thermal analysis
Fracture mechanic analysis of crack propagation
Static analysis performed on a bike frame

Beyond the FEM cloud solvers mentioned, cloudHPC provides also user interfaces to allow users to easily generate their meshes and input file for their structure analysis. The main GUI available are:

  • PREPOMAX [Calculix] – Import of STEP/IGES CAD file, mesh generation with Netgen library, setup of Calculix analysis.
  • SALOME MECA [Code Aster] – CAD generation or import in STEP/IGES format. Mesh generation with mapped, unstructured, body-fitted approaches. Setup of Code Aster analaysis. Results post-processing using ParaVis (derived from ParaView).


✅ Setup your FEM analysis using the pre-processing made available

✅ Run multiple FEM analysis and scenarios at the same time

✅ Use multi-core approach not available by default versions of Code Aster and Calculix

✅ Get training and support for your FEM analysis in order to achieve your results

✅ Monitor your FEA simulations using the remote-desktop available on cloudHPC

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