valveFlow – safety valves CFD

valveFlow is a specific software designed by CFD FEA SERVICE SRL which allows to simulate safety valves CFD (refielf valves) in just few clicks. The main features are:

Import of CAD format in STEP/IGES/STL

Compatible with snappyHexMesh, cfMesh and cfMesh+

Mesh automatic refinement on interspace between valve seat and valve body

Compressible CFD analysis with OpenFOAM

Execution of simulations in parallel on the cloudHPC portal

Automatic report of the main results: flow rate, forces and noise level

The software is available on all major OS (Windows, OS, Linux).

Results are provided into two main formats: CSV file and ParaView outputs. The first file gives information about the valve main variables, such as forces, flow rates and noise level at various opening while the latter allows the user to actually interact with the CFD analysis results and obtain quantitative plots of the flow fields.

Comparison of the pressure and velocity in a relief valve in two different opening levels
Webinar of valveFlow – version v0.1