Blender Renderfarm

Blender is the most common software for rendering and 3D modelling applied to computer graphics. On cloudHPC, which is then becoming a Blender Renderfarm, you can use Blender in two different ways:

  1. Directly from the desktop using our VNC connection in a static instance
  2. Using our script which allows you to upload your blender input file and execute the render process straight away
View of Blender directly from the remote desktop made available on cloudHPC

You can use 3D Blender modelling directly on cloudHPC and, when completed, start your rendering process using all the computing power made available to you. For standard user computing power is made available only via CPU (both physical or logical). Upon specific requests, it is possible to get GPU to speedup your graphic elaboration.

Features of cloudHPC Blender Renderfarm

Thanks to CFD FEA SERVICE cloud HPC Blender Renderfarm system it is actually possible to run your Blender rendering with the following feature:

✅ Pick your customized instance from 1 to 224 vCPU and from 1 to 8 GB of RAM per vCPU you allocate

✅ Monitor your render in runtime using remote desktop

✅ Stop your rendering at any point

✅ Take advantage of API system to automate your tasks

✅ Pay just for the computing power you have actually used

Reduce your rendering time from days to hours. Register now and get 300 FREE CPU/Hours for your render.

Register now and start using Blender on the cloud!