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Running CFD analysis with OpenFOAM is often a long process which requires huge hardware resources. The Cloud HPC service provided by CFD FEA SERVICE SRL is the perfect service to satisfy your hardware requirements.

OpenFOAM is an opensource software originally developped in England. It is a CFD solver which allows to run complex analysis with multiple flow features: incompressible, compressible, turbulent, transient, steady, heat transfer, CHT – Conjugate heat transfer, porosity, turbomachinery, etc.

The two main branches currently installed on the cloud HPC system are developped respectively by:

  • The OpenFOAM foundation ( The versions released in this branch are enumerated with progressive number (i.e. v6, v7, v8, v9, v10, v11)
  • ESI Group and OpenCFD ( The versions released in this branch are enumerated with year/month of the release (i.e. v1912, v2006, v2012, v2106, v2112, v2206, v2212, v2306)

Thanks to the cloud HPC service it is possible to run your OpenFOAM analysis using cloud hardware resource and taking advantage of huge computing power. Once you have generated your case files, you can upload them on the cloud and run your analysis.


Using cloud computing in order to run OpenFOAM analysis gives great advantages with respect to standard machine. In particular:

✅ Possibility to allocate any number of resource

✅ Introduce complex modelling into the simulation such transient solvers and CHT – Conjugate heat transfer

✅ Take advantage of a system maintained by IT experts – you can just focus on your CFD setting

✅ Parallelize the analysis – run multiple CFD scenarios at the same time in order to decide the best smoke evacuation system for your case

Thanks to these advantages it’s possible to increase the sevice level you offer to your clients and be more confident of the results you provide.

FDS simulation running
OpenFOAM simulation running on cloud HPC system

OpenFOAM GUI available

Our static instances provides you with a full set of feature to make it easier for you using OpenFOAM through GUI – Graphical User Interface preinstalled:

MantiumFlow – MantiumFlow is a CFD simulation tool that wraps around OpenFOAM ®. It sets up and post-processes cases, based on templates. This makes using OpenFOAM ® and CFD in general much easier, because the user only has to provide the geometry and select a template. It is much more than a simple OpenFOAM GUI as it takes care of setting up all boundary conditions, the mesh and post-processing.

HELYX-OS – HELYX-OS is an open-source graphical user interface (GUI) designed by ENGYS to work natively with the standard OpenFOAM libraries provided by the OpenFOAM Foundation and ESI-OpenCFD. The GUI is intended for academic use and entry-level CFD work, and it is delivered to the public under the GNU General Public License.

cfMesh+ – cfMesh+ is provided by Creative Fields, Ltd. Extend project, University Zagreb. Automatic, control by dictionary, similar to snappyHexMesh with capabilities to generate tetrahedral meshes and boundary layers. Designed for engineers and other experts using CFD in their product development and research. It is a perfect companion to those who require an efficient, easy-to-use, yet fully automated meshing process able to resolve complex domains faced in industrial settings. More info.


In CFD FEA SERVICE cloud HPC system it is possible to run your OpenFOAM with the following feature:

✅ Use a fully scalable MPI environment

✅ Pick your customized instance

✅ Monitor your simulation in runtime – any activated file in postProcessing folder is automatically converted into a graph in runtime

✅ Stop your simulation at any point of the calculation

✅ Take advantage of API system to automate your tasks

✅ Execute analysis form your Ubuntu TERMINAL using the provided API based script

✅ Pay just for what you have used

✅ OpenFOAM is ready to run on SPOT instance to maximize saving

✅ Post-process results using secure remote desktop connection to a dedicated instance with paraview/parafoam

Reduce your simulation time from days to hours. Register now and get 300 FREE vCPU/Hours for your simulations.

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Turbomachinery example performed in OpenFOAM using Cloud HPC